Near thousand hundred Jews live in the world today. Some of their ancestors were inhabitants of the modern Belarus 300 years ago. It is quite natural that everyone wants to know any facts about their ancestors proved documentary. A good thing is that most of Jews can find information about their fathers and forefathers up to several generations in the original documents. These rudimentary papers contain records about birth, marriage, death, place of birth and residence; registrations as a members of one or another kagal (kagal is jewish community); notes about belonging to the merchants, craftsman, bourgeois; passports; deed of fortress purchase, contracts, trade patents, property ownership, detailed description of the houses; papers about recruitment; legal cases, in which Jews were the victims, the accused, the witnesses; the data about their participation as barristers in the court, the reports about their taking part in the election of the Russian National Duma ( Council) as voters in 1907 and 1912, the evidence from the police on their joining in revolutionary movement and etc.

It is almost a miracle that many of Jews still have an opportunity to find their family tree confirmed documentary for a period of 5-7- generations. What you need is just the surname of your father and grandfather, the place of their residence in Belarus and the year of birth approximately.

If you want to create your own family archive and genealogy tree, please find your surname in subjoined records. It is hard to believe but you have an opportunity to find the relative you could mistakenly thought didn't exist at all.

The material of this website will be periodically refreshed ( replenished ) with new facts. First of all, we will place information that is in compliance with your requires on specific cities and small towns of Belarus.

Feel free to send all questions regarding receipt of any information, documents and requires on making a family tree to

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Census of the Jewish minorities after Belarus became part of Russia

When Belarus was a part of the Great Lithuanian-polish Principality, the census of Jewish minorities was not conducted. Moreover, polish government dint recognize the Jewish families.

However, the Czars ( royal) government issued orders to conduct a census of all joined lands and gave to Jews hereditary or formed surnames. First census of Jews in Central and West Belarus was conducted in 1795. This census was known as Reviskiye skaski. 6 main census were conducted from 1795 till 1858 (in 1795 , 1811, 1816, 1834, 1850, 1858). From time to time, extra census were conducted- 30 census in each uesd ( district). The last census was conducted at the end of XIXcentury. Usually, census was organized in each uesd( district). Jewish communities were subdivided into kagals; small jewish communities were the parts of prikagal.















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